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Client Testimonial

Pk Shrivastava


I PK SHRIVATSAVA 79 YEAR OLD MALE WANTS TO NARRATE MY wonderful experience at Ramkrishna care hospital where I met my wonderful doctor and also like my son Dr Ankur Singhal.

I was suffering from knee osteoarthritis since many years.

Becoz of the unbearable pain I was homebound and not able to walk properly and was not able to perform my daily activities freely.

Then I came across Dr Singhal at a camp in Bhilai 10 months who motivated me and infused new enthusiasm in me to undergo surgery .I had suffered from Chronic leukaemia, and was on anti hypertensive and anti diabetic medications.

At the age of 78 with so many risks I got operated in Ramkrishna care hospital with the motivation by Dr singhal.

on the 2nd day I was made to walk .Now I am walking pain free ,driving scooter and doing things which I was not able to do previously .walking 30 minutes pain free daily .

I would like to thank and show my gratitude to Dr singhal and hospital staff of Ramkrishna care hospital .Becoz of them I am leading a normal life now.

I would like to encourage and motivate all other patients to get rid of this pain with the able and expert hands of Dr Singhal

Thanks again
Pk Shrivastava