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Client Testimonial

B. Apparao


My wife Smt. B.Rajani, aged 65 years has been suffering from knee joint pain, otherwise known as Arthritis which I came to know at a later stage of time, for the last more than 1½ years. We being poor in medical terminology were under the impression that the joint pain is only due to obesity and can be cured by using some medicines. In course of time, the pain started increasing and compelled my wife to visit Railway hospital at Bilaspur where we get free medical aid even after retirement from Railways

Needless to mention that the concerned doctor rendered necessary medical aid to the extent possible and after few months in view of limited facilities at this hospital, has referred the case to Jagjeevan Ram’s Railway hospital at Bombay Central for advanced treatment or whatever it may be. By this time, my wife reached almost to an immobilized condition. I became panic as to how can we afford to go to Bombay in view of I being aged 71years, no one to escort my wife other than me and above and all how to overcome the unavoidable procedural delays in Govt. Organizations.

To our luck, one of my old colleagues Sri Basak whom I met after a long time and said to has undergone operation for both of his knees on account of Arthritis with in a span of 3 days during the month of August 2017 and now able to walk and drive two wheelers without any hindrance, has given the Mobile number of his surgeon, Dr. Ankur Arun Singhal the able hip & knee joint replacement expert at Ramakrishna Care Hospital, Raipur.

Remaining part is very simple viz. consulting Dr. Singhal during his visit to Bilaspur, admission in hospital within the next 4 days (on 9th Aug ’18), successful operation on the very next day and getting released just after 4 days of operation i.e. on 13th Aug ’18 which of course is like a miracle in comparison to the suffering for the last 18 months or more.

It will be simply a crime if I don’t share my feelings and experience I had during a week’s association with Dr. Singhal, the Hospital and other concerned staff in very simple terms which are as below:-

i) Dr. Ankur Arun Singhal, a very young and energetic person with very keen & sincere to his profession, patient friendly behavior with smile on face and of course efficient surgeon. A small example to his efficiency is that he made my wife to stand on her own just after few hours of operation. People shall rarely come across with such Doctors

ii) Hospitality extended by the soft spoken nurses is unparalleled. The attenders hardly had anything to do for theier patients. One word appreciation to them is they are none other than Nightingales.

iii) The endurance of the girl rendered physio therapy is very high who never lost temper even when the patients get irritated to their peak due to pain.

iv) Hats off to the administration for having maintained the huge building in a very tidy condition, framed beautiful & patient friendly administrative norms, engaged good caterers etc. In fact, Ramakrishna Care Hospital is not hospital; it is a 5 Star hotel.

B. Apparao