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Client Testimonial

Bharti Jajodia


The young, dynamic & optimistic Dr. Ankur Singhal a Senior Consultant Joint Replacement of hip & knee from Ramakrishna Care Hospital is a boon to me a he has given my foot & a normal life back to me. To say I am from very good families ie. Mother's, Father's & In- laws. But, my family ie. my husband & children are dependent on me. Now as my children are grown up my daughter is a big support to me. In 1999 in Karnataka at Bellary I met with an accident & my left knee was broken into 3 pieces. I underwent an operation & a L shaped plated was planted into my left leg. My wound didn't heal & dressing had to be done daily for an year as there was puss formation. I was on crutches. Then the next year I underwent another operation at Chennai & the implant was removed. After 2 months I was leading a normal life. When there was pain I could take a prescribed pain killer. This I had to continuously take in order to do a job & bring up my children who were just 10 & 8 years of age at that time as I had no family support from anywhere. 5 yrs before in 2014 my pain was unbearable & again started walking on crutches. I showed to many allopathy doctors at Bilaspur & everyone said the same thing. I had to undergo two operations one a knee transplant & the other to straighten my bone below the knee, which had become crooked due to my weight. Medicine doses were increased. I couldn't go for an operation as financial condition was not that good. Just after 2-3 months a person guided me to Dr. Shreesh Mishra who again brought some relief & hope to survive. He prescribed knee brace which was really helpful to me. I used it for 2 yrs, then he also asked me to go for an operation, but for the post operation period I had to be in bed from 6-9 months. I had to quit my job. This was impossible as both my children were studying. I couldn't be a hindrance for them. I kept on tolerating the pain as I understood one day I have to die with this pain. This is my fate of being from a middle class family.

This year 2018 in April there was knee pain in the other leg. In May during vacations I used to take rest & had no much problems. Back to work in school as I am a teacher by profession. There was acute pain in my right knee due to which I would go u conscious especially after the evenings. Due to acute pain I used to drag myself to classes for teaching. I started getting deteriorated day by day. I was unable to speak loudly also.

A Turning Point In My Life.
One of my colleague Mrs. Anita Diwan had undergone a knee transplant operation & within 20 days started walking & climbing the stairs. Hearing this from her I would think it's a miracle. During that time because of my pain I would be irregular to my job. Then she insisted me to go for a casual check up with Dr. Ankur Singhal who came down to Bilaspur once a month at Onkar Hospital from Raipur.

My right knee's cartilage was over so I had all those problems. Medicine was prescribed for 3 months. Also he insisted to undergo an operation of my left at the earliest.

My condition was becoming critical day by day. Now it was time to think about myself, if I wanted to survive for my children. I sat with both my children decided about the operation & finance. Immediately I gave a call to the doctor saying that I was ready for the operation. I have strong belief in God. So I reached Raipur with my children & thinking God was with me who will take care of me.

All the testings were done but there were many complications so the doctor postponed the operation from morning to afternoon. Then also the doctor took up the challenge as the tissues were damaged, had arthritis, ligament was broken & what else the doctor knows.

It took 5:30 hours for the operation. But, it was successful both for the doctor, me & my family. I was happy when I regained conscious. After 2 hours I was made to walk few steps with a help of a walker. My children also were so happy. Really I was to so grateful to God to bring me in contact with Doctor Ankur Singhal who gave a new life to me. 4th day I was discharged & back to Bilaspur.

Next day onwards the physiotherapist Zafar Khan came home & began exercises & walking with the help of knee brace & walker. Simultaneously the doctor would take my feed back of my recovery. This is the great speciality of Dr Ankur. Such doctors are hardly to be found in this era.

Now after 6 weeks of operation I am able to walk straight as a normal person as before the operation I would walk crookedly swaying too much on one side. Now I will have to practice walking down the stairs.

I am very grateful to Dr. ANKUR SINGHAL for what he did for me. Thanks will be a very small word for a person like him. But, still I heartily thank Dr. Ankur for everything operation, finance problems, taking special care, feed backs, guiding & suggesting for my betterment.

I heartily wish him lots of blessings, success, name & fame in life.

Thanks to Dr.Ankur Singhal and Team.

Regards –
Bharti Jajodia
22nd Sep, 2018