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Client Testimonial

Rest a While and Run a Mile


I am Deepika Sondagar 58 years old a house wife from Raipur, (Chhattisgarh). “Must say life is better in running shoes”, Dear all I was suffering with my both knees pain since last 10 years, was not able to walk properly and much pain while continuous sitting, my both knee caps were totally damaged.Tha pain was unbearable decided to go for a knee replacement surgery, came to know about many successful surgeries by Dr.Ankur Singhal (Ortho and knee replacement Surgeon ) I approached Dr.Ankur he briefly explained me about the surgery procedures, do’s and dont's.After that I decided to get it done and it was a successful surgery of my both knees on 15th December 2017, After surgery, I was transferred to a recovery room as I was eased out of anesthesia. At this point I receive pain medications as necessary. The medications were initially delivered via an intravenous tube and later either through injections or orally. I also receive blood thinners to prevent blood clots from forming in the veins in my thighs and calves large, bulky dressing was applied in the operation room to help control swelling. The nursing staff helped me to do breathing exercises that was needed to do before and after surgery. This helps to avoid fluid buildup and keep your lungs and bronchial tubes clear. After the surgery the second day I was taken to climb stairs with walker bit painful but my posture to walk was totally changed and I was able to walk straight with confidence. it’s been six months of my both knees surgery I am perfectly alright not a bit pain in my knees can climb stairs easily without support, can sit comfortably folding my knees,now I can walk for 2 kilometres a day. Everything back to normal I am much satisfied and happy. I was totally active within three to six weeks of surgery followed by routine checkup. I followed my exercise and physiotherapy program without overexerting myself. It took six months to a full year to get back to the activity level I desired. Overall, total care was taken of me by the staff of Ramkrishna Hospital under the Observation.

Thanks to Dr.Ankur Singhal and Team.

Regards –
Deepika Sondagar.